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Be a Part of the CKM Affiliate Program

Earn 25 free CKM tokens on every referral.

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Summing Up the CKM Affiliate Program

Cryptoknowmics offers you a sure-shot way to boost your crypto earnings.

All that you have to do is invite your social network through the CKM Affiliate Program and earn a bonus of 5% of the value of your contribution. Also, you will receive 25 free CKM tokens.

The strategy is a simple one: the more links you send to your colleagues, family, and friends - the more tokens you may earn!

+69%Referral bonus you can earn

upto 8Degrees of connection

Why Join the CKM Affiliate Program?

The CKM Affiliate Program is a game-changer in the world of affiliate programs. While most other crypto affiliate programs tend to cap your earnings after a certain stage, the CKM Affiliate Program puts no such capping over your earnings. The more tokens the referee earns by using your referral link, the higher will be the bonus amount sent to your account.

Referral bonus you can Earn
20% On First Degree
15% On Second Degree
8% On Third Degree
6% On Forth Degree
5% On Fifth Degree
5% On Sixth Degree
5% On Seventh Degree
5% On Eighth Degree

How Will the Referees Benefit?

Every referee who purchases CKM tokens through your referral link will be rewarded with 50 free CKM tokens soon after the purchase.

Also, they will stand to gain a further 5% bonus and 25 free CKM tokens if other people make a CKM token purchase through their referral links.

How Does the CKM Affiliate Program Work?

Sign Up

The CKM Affiliate program is open to everyone. If you don’t have a CKM account yet, you can create one within a few minutes. Once you log into your account, you will get access to the Affiliate Dashboard, which will enable you to generate referral codes.


Share these referral codes within your social circle and spread the word. Create a community of crypto enthusiasts who are equally upbeat about earning passive income through cryptocurrencies.


The CKM Affiliate Dashboard comes in quite handy if you want to keep track of the performance of your referral codes. You can monitor how your referrals have been doing and how much you’ve earned so far.


You will earn on every transaction carried out by your referees. Not only will you get a 5% bonus on their trading and margin funding fees but will also be able to able to see your earnings over your CKM Affiliate Dashboard.

How CKM affiliate works
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