Earn Rewards While You Sleep!

Put your assets to work with staking and earn massive rewards!

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How It Works

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Purchase or Transfer CKM Tokens to Your Wallet

Purchase or transfer CKM tokens to your Probit Wallet to get started.

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Enjoy Monthly Profits

Your rewards would now begin to be generated on a monthly basis.

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Keep CKM Tokens in a CKM Wallet Address

Upon their purchase, keep your CKM tokens stored in a wallet address provided by Cryptoknowmics for 18 or 36 months.

Redefining Passive Income Through Staking!

You can now earn rewards on your CKM tokens through staking. All you need to do is stake your tokens for a period of 18 or 36 months and you can win handsome monthly rewards of 5% and 7% respectively, through the staking period.

While users would be required to store their tokens in a CKM wallet, the rewards would be transferred to the wallet used at the time of registration. Also, once users have staked their tokens, they would remain locked through the staking period and no token withdrawals would be allowed.

You’re now in the driving seat. Purchase as many CKM tokens as you like and watch your assets grow exponentially without breaking a sweat.

18 month
36 month