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MorCrypto Exchange

MorCrypto Exchange ICO

Start : Sep 26, 2019End : Nov 30, 2019


MorCrypto is a cryptocurrency trading exchange with lending services that guarantees 5% monthly ROI paid in Bitcoin. We are also building a cryptocurrency e-commerce platform, a professional sports gaming app and a cryptocurrency mining farm. powered by our base coin MOR.The core vision of Morcrypto is to encourage cryptocurrency adoption, stability in cryptocurrency earnings and a marketplace where products can be purchased with cryptocurrency at ease.The ease and speed of cryptocurrency transactions is a phenomenon that should be encouraged in the financial system, financial account creation and KYC has become seamless. Kindly read through our investment paper for more information.MorCrypto Lending System is NOT A PONZI SCHEMEMost people who have come in contact with our project mistake us for a ponzi scheme, whereas a ponzi scheme is a peer to peer system where the reward of a user is dependent on new entrants into the system. Why does a ponzi scheme crash? When there are more users depending on new entrants and there are few people buying into the idea, the system can no more payout rewards, thereby forcing the organizers to fold up.The MorCrypto Lending system is millions of miles apart from a ponzi scheme, actually not related in any way.


Chime Da TSnare
Co Founder
Victor Ekpo
Co Founder PR Strategist & Investment Leader
Vera Chukwu
Developer & CIO


Kenneth Mbeh
Project Advisor


Token MOR
Type Utility
Price in ICO 1 MOR coin = 0.18 USD
tokens for sale 100,000,000
KYC None

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