Decentralized finance or DeFi involves leveraging the core principles of blockchain technology. If you keep an eye on defi crypto news, you will know that the composable code leads to the creation of a strong network effect, which allows the community to strengthen what others have achieved.At Cryptoknowmics, we seek to raise five major decentralized platforms, namely auction portal, job portal, predictions, crypto games, and crowdfunding platforms. These different platforms will provide all ethereum defi news and will be free from any centralization. These will be in line with the latest time demands of the market.If you have kept yourself abreast of the crypto defi news today, you will know that currently these markets, especially auction and job portals are heavily centralized. However, decentralizing these markets is essential to ensure a free and fair process. Therefore, Cryptoknowmics aims to convert these platforms to decentralized ones.