Dogecoin has held the reputation of being a joke. But it seems like investors missed out on the joke and currently the value of the dogecoin stands in billions. Dogecoin was never particularly innovative. Sure, there are some differences — it has a shorter block time than Litecoin's. Unlike Bitcoin's, its supply isn't limited — currently, there is 129 billion DOGE in existence, and more may be minted. But the biggest difference is that Bitcoin and Litecoin are actively managed, and frequently updated to address bugs and shortcomings. Dogecoin does get updated occasionally, but sometimes years pass before a new version comes out. At Cryptoknowmics, you can find all the information you need along with the latest news on Dogecoin that can help you with its sale and purchase. Explore Cryptoknowmics for Dogecoin News today along with various other coins and projects.